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My Social Businesses:

This page has some of the U.S.A. presidential-level and United Nations-level, advanced PSYCHology-based social businesses that I have been gradually working on and their websites. They are intended to assist with massive PSYCHological human rights violations, which no current governments or the United Nations are yet assisting with and are even ignoring, and which for many of the violations, no non-for-profit and for-profit businesses have yet been created to assist with either. Most are of the businesses are U.S.A.-based, presidential-level and United Nations-level, and advanced PSYCHology-based.


These businesses include businesses that:

- provide PSYCHological research and proof

- offer PSYCHological consulting and advice

- increase/ascend PSCYHological intelligence

- offer PSYCHological defense, prevention, and protection

- provide PSYCHology-based class-divided shelter

- assist with PSYCHological human rights violations

- offer PSYCHological justice

I have the goal to start all of them in the future.



* PSYCH Research:

This business is for research projects involving PSYCHiatry & anti-PSYCHiatry; PSYCHology; PSYCHic abilities. affects, & other issues (as well as proof); PSYCHotronics; religion; austigers autism, recreation, certain homeless issues; certain education issues; etc... One of its main goals is to collect PSYCH statistics that are not yet found online no matter how hard you search for it. (A side goal might be investigations as well.)

Current Rough Draft of Website:

(coming later)


* PSYCHic Proof Technology:

This company seeks to create technology to show exactly how human bodies, technology & the environment are connected to each other PSYCHically, and to show how humans, technology, and the environment are manipulating, manipulated by, or affected by each PSYCHically.

Current Rough Draft of Website:

* Find PSYCHotronics:

This is a company that attempts to find the police's/militaries'+, churches', or other groups' technology harming the people that many people have complained about. This technology is PSYCHic, can give diseases to, and possesses people (Also find the technology helping people) We intend to report its use to authorities like the United Nations and Department of Justice (who used it, where it was used, and what the technology did) and to acquire the technology for the companies use (to study it, to prove what the technology does, to use it for defense, etc...).

Current Rough Draft of Website:



* PSYCHic Articles

This is an online journal about PSYCHic issues not yet found online or elsewhere, such as how people are PSYCHic, how people attack others PSYCHically, how human bodies are connected to each other PSYCHically (& the matrix), how human bodies are affected by each other PSYCHically, PSYCHic healing, PSYCHic protection, PSYCHotronic issues, how PSYCHics & people affected by the PSYCHic realm are harmed by PSYCHiatry, etc... 


Current Rough Draft of Website:



PSYCH Defense (U.S.A. & World):

This company seeks to defend people in harmed PSYCHically, via PSYCHic means and using knowledge of the PSYCHic realm. (It also assists businesses, the governments, and the United Nations. See "My Political Businesses.")


Current rough draft of this company's website:




Homeless Defense

This company seeks to defend homeless people mostly.


Current rough draft of this company's website:





* PSYCHIC (& Outer Space) Study U.S.A.:

This company seeks to study the issues in aerospace (spaceships, satellites, aliens, bizarre happening in the air & on the ground, etc...) in Washington, D.C. and the rest of the U.S.A. and document and report them. Also, it should offer proof to people saying that they encounter or are abducted by outer space aliens who are told they are delusional and PSYCHotic by PSYCHiatry when they are possibly not.


* PBCG Skills:

This business teaches personal, business, city, and government skills.

Current rough drafts of this company's website: (old version)


* PSYCH Immigration:

This company assists people to immigrate or seek asylum from countries for PSYCH-related reasons: 


- forced, low-life skilled & illegitimate PSYCHiatry

- PSYCHics being harmed by forced PSYCHiatry

- PSYCHic attacks (including government PSYCHotronic attacks)

- countries with lower life skill laws, in terms of human behavior

- with different life skills, behavioral laws, than they have

- un-ascended governments causing them severe PSYCHological harm

- Christian & Judeo-Christian countries with insufficient separation from religion

Current rough draft of this company's website:


* Natural Employment:

This business consults people (eventually it will consult businesses and government too) on people's natural employment.

Current rough draft of this company's website:


* Political Shelter:

Current Rough Draft of this Company's Website:

* Life Skill Divide Shelter:

Current Rough Draft of this Company's Website:

* Ascended Shelter:

Current Rough Draft of this Company's Website:

* PSYCH Victim Shelter:


This is for victims of psychiatry.

Current Rough Draft of this Company's Website:

* PSYCHic Shelter:

This is for people who are homeless because of psychic issues such as psychic attacks.

Current Rough Draft of this Company's Website:

* Business Owners Re-entry:

This is for people who are homeless who own or owned a business and who will get out of homelessness with owning a business for employment.

Current Rough Draft of this Company's Website:

* University Degreed Re-Entry:

Current rough draft of this company's website:


* Lawsuit Re-entry Services (a shelter) * Employment Divided Re-entry * Work Plus Housing (not a shelter) * Lawsuit Plus Housing (separate housing) * Government Stipend Re-entry * For-Profit Re-Entry * Divisions Shelter (Divides people by their reasons for homelessness) * Age-Divided Shelter * Capitalism R-entry


These businesses include businesses for healthcare, education, defense, communications, fitness, sexual procreation, general recreation,  arts & entertainment, technology stores, computer & phone labs, life assistance, law, life education/counseling, food & drinks, fitness, housing & hotels/hostels, clothing, protest supplies, tourism, home & office decor, immigration & asylum, transportation, publishing, employment, souvenirs, friendship & activity partner matching, sexual partner matching, work spaces, psychic issues, churches, news stations and newspapers, search engines, social media, tv & radio stations, magazines, entertainment companies, psychic protection tech & supplies, etc...

* These businesses are part of the development companies called 'LSD Development/Life Skill Divide Development' (where stores are life skill divided) and 'Ascended Development' (where stores quality is ascended in quality superior to current everywhere).

Current rough draft of these companies' website:

Life Skill Divide Development:

Ascended Development:


* Life Skills Law Firm:

This law firm assists is associated with 'Life Skills Divide Political Party' and follows the same ideology in its law suits. It is for when people are exposed in businesses to:

- services and products too low in life skills

- no life skill divide of clients and staff in businesses when it is necessary

- staff too low in life skills to do their job or career properly

This law firm is for law suiting all business types and people, but especially for law suiting places outside of capitalism like forced psychiatry and homeless centers. (& It includes places that reverse racially discriminate when products and services are not related to their race & the staff are too low in life skills compared to their clients and the workers in businesses surrounding it which don't reverse racially discriminate. This is a big problem in & near Washington, D.C.) 

Current Rough Draft of this Company's PSYCH:


* PSYCHic Issues Law Firm:

This is for when products, people, businesses, or the government harm PSYCHics (such as PSYCHiatry when they call PSYCHics crazy and poison them making them non-PSYCHic or simply diseased) and for when people are PSYCHically harmed by products, people, businesses, or the government. This is difficult law because the legal system does not yet protect PSYCHics or people harmed PSYCHically, with PSYCHiatry thinking that PSYCHic phenomenon are a delusion and only a mental illness when in reality, PSYCHic phenomenon is real.

* Lawsuit PSYCHiatry:

This is for law suiting PSYCHiatry only.


* PSYCHic Disconnect Drugs:

This company seeks to create drugs that or determine which drugs already existing keep the human body disconnected form technology and people (so as to protect them from PSYCHic and electronic/PSYCHotronic attack and from severely unhealthy people connected to their body) and advertises itself specifically as doing so.  It is not advertised as for 'mental' illness, claiming that the disease is just from inside the person's mind, but from a PSYCHically dangerous external realm affecting their health PSYCHically. Drugs are supposedly already in distribution that do the same but are not advertised as doing so at all but are instead advertised as being for 'mental' illness. 

* Antidote to Anti-PSYCHotic:


* Ascended PSYCHiatry

This is a psychiatric hospital which follows PSYCHiatric Reform, Ascended Political Party & Life Skill Divide Political Party ideology.

* PSYCHic Issues (Only) PSYCHiatric Office / Hospital:

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