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My Political Businesses:

This page has some of the political businesses that I have been gradually working on and their websites. Most of these businesses are U.S.A.-based, presidential-level and United Nations-level, and are advanced PSYCHology-based.  They are intended to assist with massive PSYCHological (and other) human rights violations, which no government or the United Nations are yet assisting with or are even ignoring, and which, for some of the violations, no non-for-profit or for-profit businesses have yet been created to assist with.


These businesses include businesses which are:


- for PSYCHological operations defense

- for PSYCHological research and proof

- a government elections business for all PSYCHological (and other) issues

- specialized government reform businesses for individual PSYCHological issues

- government (and other) consulting on PSYCHological issues


I have the goal to start all of them in the future.



PSYCH Defense (U.S.A. & World):

This company seeks to non-financially, for free, consult or complain to the U.S.A. government (White House, DOD, DOJ, space force) and United Nations (security council, office for outer space affairs) the general public online on PSYCHic / paranormal / PSYCHological / paraPSYCHological / god-level defense issues that affects the entire nation and the entire world, and to participate non-violently and non-treasonably in and to gather information on PSYCHic defense issues. PSYCHic defense issues include: spaceships, UFOs, satellites, stars, sun, moon, outer space aliens, PSYCHotronic weapons and other devices, covert and overt military operations, covert spy operations, covert and overt PSYCHological operations, churches, other issues with religion, PSYCHiatry, invisible entities, and groups involved often have many PSYCHic abilities like seen in sci-fi and fantasy genre tv shows and movies and of quantum physics studies like: invisibility, shapeshifting/biokinesis, teleportation, time travel, multiple dimensions, permeation, telepathy, PSYCHic or PSYCHotronic surgery, remote viewing, PSYCHically or PSYCHotronically possessing a person's whole body, PSYCHically or PSYCHotronically give diseases, control thoughts, and much more...

Current rough draft of this company's website





* PSYCHic & Outer Space Study U.S.A.:

This company seeks to study the issues in aerospace (spaceships, satellites, aliens, PSYCHic / paranormal happening in the air & on the ground, etc...) in Washington, D.C. and the rest of the U.S.A. and document and report them. Also, it should offer proof to people saying that they encounter or are abducted by outer space aliens who are told they are delusional and PSYCHotic by PSYCHiatry when they are possibly not.


* Ascension Elections

Current rough draft of this company's website

ascension elections. header with url. screenshot. 11.5.22.png
protect psychics. header with url and menu. screenshot. 11.5.22.png


* PSYCHiatric Reform:

Current rough draft of this company's website:

* Reform Homelessness:

Current rough draft of this company's website:

* Reform Fashion / Fix Fashion Inequality:

Current rough draft of this company's website:

* Reform Education:

Current rough draft of this company's website:

* Protect PSYCHics / Stop Harming PSYCHics:

Current rough draft of this company's website:

* Help PSYCH Victims / Help PSYCHiatry's Victims:

Current rough draft of this company's website:

* Divide the Shelters:

Current rough draft of this company's website:

* People are PSYCHic (Raises awareness of how people are PSYCHic and PSYCHically connected) * Reform Human & Social Services / Reform Government Assistance Programs* Literature Reform * Divide PSYCH Wards * Divide the Prisons * Reform Prisons * Reform Recreation * Reform Fitness * Reform Sexual Procreation * Reforming Healthcare * Reform Fitness * Reform Transportation * Reform Government Identification * Reform the Police * Reform Housing * Separate Religion * Male-Female Separate * Political Party Separate * Stipends for Homeless * Reform Disability Pay * Reform Unemployment * Immediate Services * Fix Gov Stipends * Daily Pay & Housing * Walk the Sidewalks * Same Day Pay * Reform Gov Health / Reform Medicaid * Immediate Services  * Daily Rent Housing * Reform Libraries * Increase Fingerprinting * Anti-PSYCHiatry Research * Stop Forced PSYCHiatry * More...


* PBCG Skills:

This business teaches personal, business, city, and government skills.

Current rough drafts of this company's website: (old version)

PBCG Skills. Header with URL. screenshot. 11.5.22.png
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