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My Political Asylum Story: 

This page currently has a link to my main U.S.A., presidential-level and United Nations-level, advanced PSYCHology-based political asylum story blog about my PSYCHological (and other) human rights violations, and what I've done to try to fix my situation, while not yet assisted:

See My Main Political Asylum Blog:

My political asylum story includes:

- PSYCHic, PSYCHological operations & warfare (PSYOps & PSYWar) including PSYCHotronic attacks against me

- false forced PSYCHiatry (including imprisonment and PSYCHiatric poisoning) for being PSYCHic and for experiencing the PSYCHic realm;

- having an undeveloped, unhelpful, harmful, too slow in assistance, austigic autistic government;

- being forced into an advanced and very dangerous PSYCHological revolution with no choice;

- and many other PSYCHological and other types of human rights violations.

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