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My Letter to United Nations (& the White House): 

This page has a letter requesting help from United Nations for my U.S.A., presidential-level and United Nations-level, mostly advanced PSYCHology-based political issues and PSYCHological human rights violations that I have endured.

This is my Newest Letter to the United Nations & to the White House: (Last Updated on 3.11.22)


My name is Melissa Kay Kinder. 


I am the following:


- a U.S.A., presidential-level and United Nations-level advanced psychological revolutionary and psychological human rights activist, attempting to assist in massive psychological human rights violations, where people (including myself) are not yet getting assistance from the governments or the United Nations or by non-for-profit or for-profit businesses. I am also trying to raise the psychological intelligence of and ascend the quality of the fields of psychology and psychiatry, and the public, via educational books and businesses. See following video: See YouTube Video:

- a psychology degreed person, who studied advanced psychology independently for many, many years

- the creator and owner of two new presidential-level and United Nations-level, advanced psychology-based political parties, which can be found online and are called, ‘Life Skills Divide Political Party’ ( and ‘Ascension Political Party’ (

- a creator and owner of many U.S.A. presidential-level and United Nations-level, advanced psychology-based political and social entrepreneurial businesses, whose websites are currently online only and not yet making money

- a writer of many U.S.A. presidential-level and United Nations-level advanced psychology-based educational books and novels, which are partially written, and not yet published.

- a psychic

- a psychotron/superhuman/superhero with psychotronic combat skills and abilities

I am and have been suffering from the following advanced psychological human rights violations inside the U.S.A. for more than nine years:


- under psychic and psychotronic attack

- in covert and overt spy/military situations, including an aerospace battle that had outer space jets crashing onto the ground around me, and have real military intelligence I can share

- was around people who told me that they were aliens from outer space

- being falsely forced into psychiatry with forced psychiatric drugs called anti-psychotics (for being psychic, for being in psychic situations, and for being in spy/military situations—please see the next section below “Psychiatry is Doing the Following:”). I have had every symptom of Extra-pyramidal Symptoms, EPS, from taking psychiatric drugs since nine years ago, and have had other negative side effects from taking psychiatric drugs in the years after that. These side effects have kept me from being able to work.


See one of my blogs at:


I Want Protection for the Following Reason:


(1) Psychiatry is Doing the Following to Me and to All Others:

- diagnosing real psychics with psychosis and making psychics non-psychic or less psychic with anti-psychotics

- diagnosing real psychotrons/superhumans/superheros with psychosis making psychotrons/superhumans/superheros non-psychotrons/superhumans/superheros with anti-psychotics

- diagnosing experiences of real spy/military operations, covert or not, as delusional and paranoia

- diagnosing experiences of real imposter situations as delusional, paranoia, and…

- diagnosing real experiences of the psychic/paranormal realm as psychosis, attempting to make people not as aware of or affected by the psychic realm

- diagnosing the negative neurological side effects of psychiatric drugs as psychiatric disease

- not separation religion from their forced services

- having only low-life skilled Austigic Autistic recreation (such as coloring of plants and animals) provided, only, for recreational groups, which is inhumane, while they hold people in psych wards against their will, and not allow them internet, a computer, or their own personal television. Plus, novels are usually of what they perceive the patients are going through, and are of not enough variety

- treating all psych ward patients like they are the lowest class in the city, beneath the manual laborers

- used no biomedical proof in their diagnosis

- does not use the answers from questions they ask in their diagnosis, such that when patients answer “No,” the staff still diagnose the patient with the psychiatric disease as if they had said “Yes.”

- no due process: no open court; no investigation into the truth; allowing people to lie about someone who gets arrested into psychiatry and never investigating the truth; the judge in court does not listen to the patient, but only to the psychiatric staff; no biomedical proof of disease is given in court;…

- staff refuse to go online to investigate the patients' lives/truth



(2) Psychiatry has done to me, separate from all the other people, the following:

- Psychiatry has called my 2 political parties which can be found online, delusional and psychosis, refusing to look for them online as proof


(3) The Police are Doing the Following to Me and to All Others:

- using psychotronics on me/psychotronically torturing and manipulating

- were chasing me by helicopters in Washington, D.C. (They did this to me for months until I slept on the statue of a president who created his own constitution.)

- arresting me into psychiatry when I ask them for help or talk about my needing political asylum


(4) The Hospital E.R.s are Doing the Following to Me and All Others:

- forcing psychiatry when trying to get help with non-psychiatric problems

- ...


(5) The Homeless Shelters Have Done the Following to Me & Others:

- allowed me to be psychically attacked by its clients inside their facilities

- allowed spies/militia to psychotronically attack me inside their facilities

- talked to me about psychiatry when I first begin a conversation with them for help

- refused to contact United Nations for me when I asked them to

- refused to talk to me about political asylum from the U.S.A. and instead contacted the U.S.A. government to apply for disability

- refused to help me politically

- subjected me to extremely violent, rude, low-life skilled people that I never would have seen inside of capitalism anywhere, and especially not in city I was in (Washington, D.C.)

- subjecting me to the most Austigic Austistic, low-life skilled recreational activities there are (like coloring of plants and animals)


(6) The CIA/Military/Etc... are Doing the Following to Me:

- walking up to me and befriending me, telling me who they are

- were camping outdoors with and near me

- working undercover, trying to stop the homeless from starting wars

- …


(7) UnKnown Militia Groups are Doing the Following to Me: 

- psychotronically attacking me, close the point of my death for years

- flying over my house with helicopters

- fighting in aerospace battles over me, and once jets flying and crashing down to ground

- using psychotronic devices on me that can I see in person, in their hands, right in front of me

- psychotronically helping me to stay alive

- doing very paranormal operations on me, involving stuff you see in sci-fi and superhero movies and tv shows (like shrinking down into very little people and so much more)

(8) Aliens from Outer Space are doing the Following to Me: 

- walking up to me and asking me to join in a war against the U.S.A. and the world

- telling me that they just dropped down from outer space

- coming to me and helping me, keeping me from dying psychotronically 

(9) My Roommates / Friends are:

- being replaced by imposters

- spies psychically attacking me



(10) My Family are:

- possibly psychic & psychotronic spies/militia doing a psych revolution undercover, pretending to be the lower class who raised me in a genetics experiment, with my mother raising me and my identical twins to be opposites in childhood (but then we switched in adulthood)

- interacting on the psychic realm in obvious ways to me, while not talking about it out loud

- refusing to talk to me about my actual life above in any way

- trying to force me into psychiatry, especially my mother, who has already gone to the police and told them and done even more. I believe that they, especially my mother, are doing it as evil spies, thinking that it will make me revolt against the country if I become enough of a victim.


I Require Protection:


I need special protection from these entities above in numbers (1) through (10), as I attempt to get people elected into the government to stop forced psychiatry, investigate and attempt to stop psychotronic torture and manipulation, move forward with my political and social entrepreneurial businesses, and more...

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