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My Stories: 

This page has a list of short stories or novels, which are mostly U.S.A., presidential-level and United Nations-level, advanced perspective PSYCHology-based, and PSYCHoautobiographical.


Many of them display:

- massive PSYCHological (and other) human rights violations that are happening today in the U.S.A. and the world, in which current governments and the United Nations are not yet assisting with, and even non-for-profit and for-profit businesses are not yet assisting with, andw hich I went through myself

- how most people and the governments have Austigers Autism (a term that I created from my advanced PSYCHological studies)

- how I ascended in social / PSYCHological intelligence out of Austigers Autism myself.

(These were originally intended to be novels but are now short stories.)




* Melissa Kay Kinder's PSYCHoautobiographical Story/Novel


This story or novel combines many or all the novels or short stories below on this page into one novel.


* Raised for a U.S. & World PSYCH Revolution or Not?

This story is about a woman who was raised in certain way and then harmed by her family in a certain way that caused her to only be able to do one thing: take over the nation because of PSYCHiatry, but only the psychic component. Looking back, she wonders if they did it to her on purpose and are the Satanic occult of Black Sun, were PSYCHotronically possessed by Black Sun or some other organization, or just harmed her in a fluke of regular malice. This novel details the conversations she had with her family throughout life, how she wonders if she was forced to learn to ascend in society from the bottom to the top, plus a PSYCHic meditation she has as a child of her body projecting into space above earth with the words "Your job is to stay separate from society, don't join, don't care what happens to you from them because you are not one of them, and study the world". This novel questions whether the main character and her twin sister were raised in an identical twin genetics experiment to raise them the opposite of each other, with one liking and studying in school ESP, aliens, UFOs, conspiracy of the moon, genetics,  sci fi like Star Trek and alien invasion of the world movies, and being in the advanced students programs in grade school, etc... and the other twin not (where they were not allowed to share a classroom together), and then the two twins getting switched later in life, so that one became the other and still opposites. (This story happened in multiple cities in South Carolina.)

* Lost U.S. PSYCHology Student's Life


This story is about a PSYCHology student who has Asperger's and doesn't understand how the PSYCHology degree and almost all of her curriculum is wrong (except certain classes that she really wanted to major in: sociology, anthropology, etc...) & her and other PSYCHology majors destroying their lives, becoming worse than before the school program. She starts to need PSYCHiatry because of her new college life style choices but never gets it. But she does like the courses 'Sensation & Perception' and 'Cognitive Neuroscience' and the sociology, antropology, and business classes the most. And she does become intrigued by a student who asks a PSYCHology professor about the PSYCHic realm aloud in class, questioning the studies they are told and their legitimacy. And she meets an Indian, African American heritage PSYCHology student (with a Russian business student friend), who she goes to bars with to ruin her life and who also hang out with her twin sister. who is also a PSYCHology student. Her twin sister gets pregnant and changes into the opposite of before. And she meets and dates a business student with a name similar to Adam the Farmer. Plus, she dates an astro nuclear physics student studying time travel at the end, who she later suspects of being a spy that told her that one day, "She would learn to dress really, really professionally well" and that she "was the smartest person" when she not yet was, but was one of the dumb. She later suspects in life that all the people were possibly spies manipulating her life. (This story happened in Clemson, S.C.)

* Lost U.S. PSYCHology Grad in the U.S.


This story is about a university PSYCHology graduate who didn't learn enough from school, who gets lost in life and work in many ways, & who needs PSYCHiatry and a PSYCHological counseling naturally, goes to a PSYCHic who tells her that there are invisible black figures surrounding her in her apartment everywhere so that she never, ever, ever succeeded in life no matter what, and she turns political in women's issues based on what she went through in life, hating her country and takes off to travel the world, with her mother falsely telling her that leaving the country is a mistake. But just before deciding to travel, her father calls asking "What are you doing?" And she says "I'm studying society and then getting back out again after. It's easier to understand society from the inside copying everybody." And her father says, "No, you are not! You are right in the middle of it as one of them, no different."(This story happened in many cities in South Carolina, including Rock Hill, S.C.)

* Lost U.S. PSYCHology Grad Ascending (Above the U.S.A.) While Abroad


This story is about an American PSYCHology degreed woman who lives, works & studies abroad in multiple countries, gradually becoming like the better parts of each culture that she lives in (remembering a strange childhood meditation after converting into Muslim behavior), and becoming more and more smart in PSYCHology compared to her country, loosing the lower life skills & behaviors she learned while being a PSYCHology student and prior, loosing her need for PSYCHiatry that she had but didn't know, becoming PSYCHic, and becoming less and less the bad American she had become before going abroad, and becoming a natural PSYCHologist, better than the U.S. PSYCHologists. In the end, she becomes aware of PSYCHic harm, interaction, manipulation, & affects between people and PSYCHotronic technology. Plus, a traveling research PSYCHologist tells her not to go back home, but she does. (This story happened in many countries, including in South Korea, Egypt, Thailand, Pakistan, China, Vietnam, ...) 

* U.S. PSYCHologist PSYCHiatrically Poisoned

This story is about a female PSYCHologist and up & coming politician severely poisoned by her government's poisonous, un-ascended, non-life skill divided PSYCHiatric system, through her evil family, to the point of death from a neurological disorder, for a disease she didn't even have (She was diagnosed with delusional schizophrenia for her saying she was in a real military invasion abroad & the lawyer only asking her in her fake court "What were you doing in that country?" and for whatever her family said about her that she never learned), and her attempt to seek political asylum to atheist countries that disrespect PSYCHiatry, don't force PSYCHiatric drugs on people, and don't even allow the drugs forced on her across their countries' borders (or if not to those countries, then to counties without sex problems). Years later, she suspects that her family did it to her on purpose for being the opposite of a patient in PSYCHiatry naturally in other to start a PSYCH revolution. Because when her family did it, she had finally become better than PSYCHiatry, studying international PSYCHology, and before then, she was worse always than PSYCHiatry and back then her family ever harmed her. (This story happened in Easley, S.C., Central, S.C., Clemson, S.C., and Washington, D.C.)

* U.S. PSYCHology-based Political Asylee


This story is about a woman who is poisoned by and dying from the U.S. government's PSYCHiatry (for a disease she did not have) and who tries to escape the U.S. in political asylum but gets stopped, and is then neglected by the un-ascended government and people, sleeping at different embassies, PSYCHically harmed and attacked in the un-ascended non-for-profits with no life skill divisions, PSYCHotronically harmed by the government (including police PSYCHotronic helicopters that chase her for months), starts to want war against the country (notices that all the African Americans are drawing soldiers in an unemployment art studio), ends up not able to speak, read, write, move properly, etc... until a Satanic group, possibly Black Sun, PSYCHotronically possesses her movements (to move around, dance and combat). She starts to PSYCHotronically combat practice with the homeless and homeless spies. (This story happened in Easley, S.C., Greenville, S.C. and Washington, D.C.)

* U.S. Homeless PSYCHology-based Natural President


This story is about a woman who has been dying from PSYCHiatric poisoning from the US government for a disease she did not have, PSYCHically harmed & attacked in the non-life skill divided and unascended non-for-profits, neglected by the un-ascended government and people, and PSYCHotronically attacked by the government. She gets possessed to campaign for U.S. president and possessed to have all her art in an unemployment art studio turn into presidential. After being attacked by government helicopters for months and PSYCHically harmed by the non-for-profits, she begins wearing a military outfit, and the helicopters don't leave her alone until sleeps on the statue of a foreign president who created his own constitution. She decides to campaign for president, meets other homeless campaigning for president with the same reasoning as what made her homeless and what kept her homeless, meets a military time-traveler studying a revolution, starts creating a political party, called "Ascension." (She also gets possessed to PSYCHotronic be a singer-dancer during this time.) (This story happened in Washington, D.C.)

* U.S. Homeless PSYCHology-based Potential Future Empress


This story begins with a woman being talked to by a military time traveler studying a revolution. This woman is homeless, has lost the ability to speak, read, write, etc... well enough to survive, is dying from PSYCHiatric poison, is going through severe PSYCHic harm and attacks from non-for-profits with no life-skill divisions, is in severe neglect from the un-ascended government and people, is going through severe PSYCHotronic attacks, plus spies, a time traveler, and even Black Sun aliens from outer space conquering the nation and world, while creating 2 future empires (along with 2 new political parties, associated with the 2 empires), called "Life Skills Divide" & "Ascension" which she carries around with her in a bag while sleeping outside and editing them. The empires and political parties are created for the same reasons that made her homeless and kept her homeless. (She also gets back her normal ability to speak, read, and write in this novel that she had lost in the last novel.) And she remembers a weird childhood meditation, with her body projected into outer space, being told that she was not a human from this earth and to stay separate, and that her job was to study the planet and to report back later in outer space about the planet. She also remembers every conversation she ever had with each member of her family in her past in a way that made more sense, from a different perspective this time, based on what she was going through. (This story happened in Washington, D.C.)

* U.S. PSYCH Revolutionary Forced to Family's Homes


This story begins with a woman walking up to the police for one night or more of protection from her house mate who was killing and severely harming her PSYCHically, causing her symptoms like eye blindness, leg paralysis, inability to breathe, etc... during COVID-19 quarantine in a dire situation and possibly for victim of crimes protection with a change of name and identity if she told about her life, not knowing what to say because she knew she was not allowed to talk about PSYCHic or PSYCHotronic issues. She ends up being falsely arrested into PSYCHiatry by the police and falsely called delusionally PSYCHotic for saying that she created and owned two new political parties, both against PSYCHiatry, and the PSYCHiatric workers won't go online to check her rough drafts posted online. She moves back in with the family that harmed her through government PSYCHiatry, the first time, causing her to try to seek political asylum, then go homeless, then try to take over the nation with two new political parties (and empires) gradually. While with her family, she is too afraid to contact United Nations yet and traumatically tries to study them to determine if they harmed her on purpose before as Black Sun spies, while recovering from PSYCHiatric poisoning and intense PSYCHic and PSYCHotronic attacks, going through even more PSYCHotronic attacks, and editing all the rough drafts of materials on and off-line for a political revolution, against PSYCHiatry and everything else wrong, but focusing more on PSYCHic issues. And she starts focusing on the prefix "PSYCH" and studies PSYCH, including PSYCHiatry/abnormal PSYCHology, anti-PSYCHiatry, PSYCHotronic attacks and manipulations, targeted individuals (T.I.s), sci fi and fantasy entertainment, etc...  (This story happened in rural Pennsylvania and in Easley, S.C. and Gaffney, S.C.)

* U.S. PSYCH Revolutionary's PSYCHic Battle Zone: Battle # 1


This story is about a PSYCH revolutionary who tries to obtain a birth certificate from her birth state, Alabama, and then possible political asylum, after getting a new passport next, and ends up PSYCHotronically attacked to the point of death, then gets saved by multiple outer space aliens in her motel room operating on her and also in the parks and sidewalks (the ones mentioned on a website for Black Sun Ascension Program), ends up below an aerospace battle with two of the groups that helped her involved and jets coming down, she tries to get involved for a short time then stops. She shapeshifts into an outer space alien partially. She protests after a while. Then she asks for political asylum from the police, almost gets killed by the police PSYCHotronically, and then ends up in a PSYCH ward for outer space alien invasion and spy issues where they make her not a PSYCHotronic soldier and rock star with a pill. And more... (This story happened in Birmingham, Alabama.)



* U.S. PSYCH Revolutionary Doing Defensive (Para)PSYCHological Operations



This story is about a PSYCH revolutionary who decides to focus specifically on the prefix "PSYCH' with all her businesses and other projects, and in all her blogs, and move forward in Defensive PSYCHological Operations using her PSYCHic knowledge and PSYCHotronic abilities. She blogs PSYCH knowledge online for free, contemplates contacting the United Nations or not and whether to advise them for free. She even contemplates getting people elected into politics for free to stop forced psychiatry and giving all of her business projects away for free, posting all of her educational books online for free, posting her singing-dancing online for free, and more...It also has more scenes with outer space aliens and PSYCHological operations on her. (This story happened in Gaffney, S.C.)

* U.S. PSYCH Revolutionary's PSYCHic Battle Zone: Battle # 2


This story is about a PSYCH revolutionary who experiences an outer space alien (reptilians) battle zone / invasion of her house and the neighbor's properties, which are mostly farms surrounding her. The battle zone appears to be a huge world war 3, but she isn't sure if it is that big, or if it is just here own area. Before this had happened, she had been dealing with invisible humanoid aliens and non-aliens inside her home interacting with and helping or harming her. She sees many jets going across the sky leaving jet streams like x's and more, spaceships above her property, multiple UFO sun-like orbs in the sky which were participating, the clouds talk to her showing her images, white spaceships leaving earth, a superhero with fire boots leaving her neighbor's yard, bombs int eh sky, gun shots all around her, black smoke surrounding the property, and much more...  Well into the battle zone, she starts shapeshifting into the invisible humans on her property, including reptiles. She also starts entering another dimension, which is more paranormal, with her god saying "Hold on Melissa. Hold on. Dust hold on." Towards the end of the military operation or battle zone when it appeared the world was fully being taken over as a computer being hacked PSYCHotronically, she time travels after fearing for her life, and ends up in hospitals, including two PSYCH Wards where people went through something similar--multiple people time traveled like her, saying that they just went through world war 3 with bombs and then time traveled. The novels provided were about royalty in exile and getting to know god. She returns to the same location as the invasion and tries to study what happened. (This story happened in Gaffney, S.C. and Spartanburg, S.C.)


* U.S. PSYCH Revolutionary's PSYCHic Battle Zone: Battle # 3


This story is about a PSYCH revolutionary who experiences a PSYCHIC/paranormal battle zone. (Part 1) She encounters outer space aliens and other paranormal invisible creatures (insectoids, reptilians, brown, black spirits, light beings, wind spirits, etc...) at her home who talk to her and explain what they are doing. They live inside her body really tiny and talk to her or they live outside of her body invisible and talk to her. She starts to make friends with them while they help her. She types about her life online. Then there are lots of jets flying over to fix the situation. (Part 2) Then there are UFOs that look like suns. She gets possessed by the sun UFOs, while trying not to die from them. Heaven's gate is opened up and the entities that come out talk to her. Others land on the ground and talk to her, while she blogs online. One group says they have black spaceships, another says they have a one-mile long spaceship. (Part 3) She leaves her house fleeing from the sun UFOs while talking to and bringing one of the sun UFOs with her. She gets helped by a man in a superman shirt. She talks to African Americans. She talks a man on a disability check. They are normal to her. (Part 4) She gets possessed by a constellation of stars for her to combat connected to. She hears war dogs all over in the woods on sone side of the road. She hears war sirens in the town. Her gods get busy in a battle zone. Sirens are blaring in the town. One of her gods gives her the ability to shapeshift into different people and to show the outer space aliens on and around her body with entertainment technology. She moves between two different motels trying to stay alive. She develops the ability to feel the sky above and its bombs. The clouds talk to her and show her different things. The churches talk to her trying to assist in her life. All the technology talks to her trying to learn the situation, but it is too complex to get non-militia technology understand. (Part 5) She gets hacked as a superhero by different groups, including one that makes her bionic in her organs which was too scary and tries to fix her body. She starts studying the gates of heaven and what is happening. She tries to use non-for-profits during this, but they make mistakes. (Part 6), when it is all over, the police walk up, she tells them she is just going through PSYCHological operations, and they say that she is "mentally ill", and she gets arrested into forced psychiatry, and gets made not a superhero and gets PSYCHotronically possessed by PSYCHiatry, who are lesser gods, but possibly able to protect her torso from being connected to the sky.(This novel happened in Gaffney, S.C., Union, S.C. and Greer, S.C.)


* Give Up? Apply for PSYCHiatric Disbility Pay? Do All Revolutionary Projects for Free?


This story is about attempting to applying for PSYCHiatric disability pay for going through real PSYCHic situations that are not "mental illness" after being a severe victim of PSYCHiatry. Also, it is about contemplating whether to do every revolutionary project for free.




* Ascended Empire

This story is about a future empress and her empire of many utopian charter cities (separate cities and cities within cities) and businesses she created and controls inside the U.S.A. and her quest to gain support outside of her charter cities through elections into the U.S. government and more. Plus, its expansion it to other countries. This is also about its ascended citizens going back and forth between the empire and the regular U.S.A. and recruiting people to their cities and businesses for tours and to live and work there.

* Life Skills Divided Empire

This story is about life skill divided charter cities and businesses inside the U.S.A. where everyone and all the products and services in businesses are life skill divided. Plus, its expansion to other countries. This also includes its associated political party involvement in politics and in recruitment of new people to its cities and businesses.

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