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My PSYCHotronic & PSYCHic Abilities: 

This page has a list of my paraPSYCHological PSYCHotronic and PSYCHic abilities, that I currently have or that I had in the past only. (I might add a video in the future.)

Current PSYCHotronic & PSYCHic Abilities:




- Know Where My Body & Other People's Bodies are PSYCHically Connected (Which Parts of their Bodies are Connected to What)

- Change the Connections Between People & their Surroundings

- PSYCHically Talk & Be Talked to All Over My Body, but Especially in My Throat

- PSYCHotronically Combat, Visible & Invisible Entities

- Tell Who is PSYCHically Possessed & Explain What is Happening

- PSYCHically Feel inside My Body Other People's Emotions, Heartbeats, Eyesight, Physical Health, Exercise Ability/Strength, Reading & Writing Ability, their Natural Wealth & Ability in Society, their Ability to Use Technology, Walking & Weak Movement Problems, More... (Because My Body Becomes Like them)

- Get My Body & Other People's Bodies PSYCHically Healed Especially When it Deals with Being PSYCHically Connected to People or Technology

- Determine Who is PSYCHic & Somewhat How Much

- PSYCHically Feel & Know How I am Affected by People Through Walls that are Not Concrete, Brick, or Other Dense Material

- PSYCHically Perceive Which People are PSYCHically Controlling Me & Other People

- PSYCHically Perceive Which People are PSYCHically Talking to Me but Pretending Not to Be

- PSYCHically Attack People in Some Ways (which I Learned to Do Only to People Who Were Doing the Same thing to Me First, Just to PSYCHically Fight Back)

Invisible Living Entities, Like Aliens 


- I've Combated with Invisible People & Aliens

- Perceive PSYCHically & Interact with Invisible People like People Doing Black Ops

- Know & Feel Physically the PSYCHical Manipulation of My Body by Invisible People (like Injections)




- Know Who or What Electronic Devices are PSYCHically & PSYCHotronically Attacking or Manipulating

- Talk PSYCHically to Helicopters & the People in Them and Vehicles in the Sky

- PSYCHically Feel & Know How I am Affected by Technology Through Walls that are Not Concrete, Brick, or Other Dense Material

- Feel & Perceive How My Body is Affected PSYCHically through a Phone Call

- Know that We are PSYCHotronically Connected to Only Certain People in a Controlled Manner based on Life Skill

- Notice People's Bodies PSYCHically Connected to their Computers & Phones on the Internet & how the Internet is Manipulated or Affected by the PSYCHic Realm (like Search Results)

- PSYCHically Perceive Which Sattelites/Objects/General Direction that I and Others are Connected to in the Sky

Cities and Large Areas


- PSYCHically Feel the Richness, the Academic Level & Physical Health of a City & City Area

- PSYCHically Perceive a City's Street Matrix of People & How People are Controlled in their Walks through Cities (Especially in Large Cities)

- Know How Much or How Well PSYCHotronic Technology is Helping & Controlling the City (Each City & State is Different)

-  Know When PSYCHotronic Technology is Being Used to Control a Crowd, a Room, or a Large Area (like their Emotions, their Ability to Perceive What is Around them, or their Connections to Each Other)


Inside My Own Body


- Feel Nanobot/Lazor Surgeries Being Done on Me Inside My Body

- PSYCHotronically Sing & Dance (and at the Same Time)

- Know What PSYCHiatric Drugs are Doing to My Body, both to My Organs & to the PSYCHic Realm


Nature & Aeroospace (The Sky & Outerspace)

- Have PSYCHic Conversations with Different Entities such as Actual People (Near Me & Far Away, like in Other Countries), Satellites, Ghosts, etc... (Just By What these Entities Told Me they Were While I Was PSYCHically Talking to Them), Though I Don't Connect to Them on Purpose

PSYCHically Talk to, Ask for PSYCHic Help From & Get PSYCH Help From, & Understand What the Sun, Moon, Stars, Clouds, Etc.. are Doing PSYCH & What they Can Understand on Earth, Mostly Related to My Situation Though

- PSYCHically Talk to the Wind

- Know Where Invisible Spaceships are in the Sky Over Earth

PSYCHic Protection


- PSYCHically Protect Myself & Others in Some PSYCHic & Some Non-PSYCHic Ways

- PSYCHically Ask for & Call for PSYCHic Help

- More…


Past PSYCHotronic & PSYCHic Abilities:




- PSYCHically Feel People's Emotions Fully, in all of My Organs in My Torso & All Over My Body, & I Could Feel a Whole Room at Once & Directly through the Walls People Nearby too

- PSYCHically See What Parts of People's Brains that they Were Using (Like Frontal Lobe vs Parietal) Before I Took a PSYCHiatric Poisoning 9 Years Ago

-  PSYCHically Control Which Direction People Walked for a While (put it was Painful to Keep Doing)

- Over a Decade Ago to PSYCHically See Auras in Certain Parts of People’s Bodies and their Colors.

Inside My Own Body


- Ability for a While to Intentionally ShapeShift (Biokinesis) My Body Years Ago

- More...

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