My Novel Projects: 

These are the novels that I am currently trying to write a get published as soon as possible: 


(These can also be turned into short stories, documentaries, songs, and more...)


The novels below are in reverse chronological order: 


* Psych Revolutionary Forced Home


This novel begins with a woman walking up to the police for one night or more of protection during COVID-19 quarantine in a dire situation and possibly for victim of crimes protection with a change of name and identity if she told about her life, not knowing what to say because she knew she was not allowed to talk about psychic or psychotronic issues. She ends up being falsely arrested into psychiatry by the police and falsely called delusionally psychotic for saying that she created and owned two new political parties, both against psychiatry, and the psychiatric workers won't go online to check her rough drafts posted online. She moves back in with the family that harmed her through government psychiatry, the first time, causing her to try to seek political asylum, then go homeless, then try to take over the nation with two new political parties (and empires) gradually. While with her family, she is too afraid to contact United Nations yet and traumatically tries to study them to determine if they harmed her on purpose before as Black Sun spies, while recovering from psychiatric poisoning and intense psychic and psychotronic attacks, going through even more psychotronic attacks, and editing all the rough drafts of materials on and off-line for a political revolution, against psychiatry and everything else wrong, but focusing more on psychic issues. 

* Homeless (U.S.) Future Empress


This novel begins with a woman being talked to by a military time traveler studying a revolution. This woman is homeless, has lost the ability to speak, read, write, etc... well enough to survive, is dying from psychiatric poison, is going through severe psychic harm and attacks from non-for-profits with no life-skill divisions, is in severe neglect from the un-ascended government and people, is going through severe psychotronic attacks, plus spies, a time traveler, and even Black Sun aliens from outer space conquering the nation and world, while creating 2 future empires (along with 2 new political parties, associated with the 2 empires), called "Life Skills Divide" & "Ascension" which she carries around with her in a bag while sleeping outside and editing them. The empires and political parties are created for the same reasons that made her homeless and kept her homeless. (She also gets back her normal ability to speak, read, and write in this novel that she had lost in the last novel.) And she remembers a weird childhood meditation, with her body projected into outer space and that her job was to study the planet and to report back.

* Homeless (U.S.) Natural President


This is about a woman who has been dying from psychiatric poisoning from the US government for a disease she did not have, psychically harmed & attacked in the non-life skill divided and unascended non-for-profits, neglected by the un-ascended government and people, and psychotronically attacked by the government. She gets possessed to campaign for U.S. president and possessed to have all her art in an unemployment art studio turn into presidential. After being attacked by government helicopters for months and psychically harmed by the non-for-profits, she begins wearing a military outfit, and the helicopters don't leave her alone until sleeps on the statue of a foreign president who created his own constitution. She decides to campaign for president, meets other homeless campaigning for president with the same reasoning as what made and what kept her homeless, meets a military time-traveler studying a revolution, starts creating a political party, called "Ascension." (She also gets possessed to be a singer)


* (U.S.) Psych Political Asylee


This is about a woman who is poisoned by and dying from the U.S. government's psychiatry (for a disease she did not have) and who tries to escape the U.S. in political asylum but gets stopped, and is then neglected by the un-ascended government and people, sleeping at different embassies, psychically harmed and attacked in the un-ascended non-for-profits with no life skill divisions, psychotronically harmed by the government (including police helicopters that chase her for months), starts to want war against the country (notices that all the African Americans are drawing soldiers in an unemployment art studio), ends up not able to speak, read, write, move properly, etc... until a Satanic group, possibly Black Sun, psychotronically possesses her movements (to move around, dance and combat). She starts to combat practice with the homeless.

* Psych Poisoned (U.S.) Psychologist

This is about a female psychologist and up & coming politician severely poisoned by her government's poisonous, un-ascended, non-life skill divided psychiatric system, through her evil family, to the point of death from a neurological disorder, for a disease she didn't even have (She was diagnosed with delusional schizophrenia for her saying she was in a real military invasion abroad & the lawyer only asking her in her fake court "What were you doing in that country?" and for whatever her family said about her that she never learned), and her attempt to seek political asylum to atheist countries that disrespect psychiatry, don't force psychiatric drugs on people, and don't even allow the drugs forced on her across their countries' borders (or if not to those countries, then to counties without sex problems). Years later, she suspects that her family did it to her on purpose for being the opposite of a patient in psychiatry naturally in other to start a psych revolution. Because when her family did it, she had finally become better than psychiatry, studying international psychology, and before then, she was worse always than psychiatry and back then her family ever harmed her.

* (Bad) U.S. Psychologist Abroad


This is about an American psychology degreed woman who lives, works & studies abroad in multiple countries, gradually becoming like the better parts of each culture that she lives in (remembering a strange childhood meditation after converting into Muslim behavior), and becoming more and more smart in psychology compared to her country, loosing the lower life skills & behaviors she learned while being a psychology student and prior, loosing her need for psychiatry that she had but didn't know, becoming psychic, and becoming less and less the bad American she had become before going abroad. In the end, she becomes aware of psychic harm, interaction, manipulation, & affects between people and psychotronic technology. Plus, a traveling research psychologist tells her not to go back home, but she does.

* Lost Psych Grad


This is about a university psychology graduate who didn't learn enough from school, who gets lost in life and work in many ways, & who needs psychiatry but only uses it once at the end of the novel, turns political in women's issues based on what she went through in life, hating her country and takes off to travel the world. But just before deciding to travel, her father calls asking "What are you doing?" And she says "I'm studying society and then getting back out again after. It's easer to understand society from the inside copying everybody." 


* Psych Student's Life


This is about a psychology student who has Asperger's and doesn't understand how the psychology degree and almost all of her curriculum is wrong (except certain classes that she really wanted to major in: sociology, anthropology, etc...) & her and other psychology majors destroying their lives, becoming worse than before the school program. She starts to need psychiatry because of her new college life style choices but never gets it. 

* Raised for a Psych Revolt or Not?

This is about a woman who was raised in certain way and then harmed by her family in a certain way that caused her to only be able to do one thing: take over the nation because of psychiatry, but only the psychic component. Looking back, she wonders if they did it to her on purpose and are the Satanic occult of Black Sun, were psychotronically possessed by Black Sun or some other organization, or just harmed her in a fluke of regular malice. This novel details the conversations she had with her family throughout life, how she wonders if she was forced to learn to ascend in society from the bottom to the top, plus a psychic meditation she has as a child of her body projecting into space above earth with the words "Your job is to stay separate from society, don't join, don't care what happens to you from them because you are not one of them, and study the world".



* Ascended Empire

This is about a future empress and her empire of many utopian charter cities (separate cities and cities within cities) and businesses she created and controls inside the U.S.A. and her quest to gain support outside of her charter cities through elections into the U.S. government and more. Plus, its expansion it to other countries. This is also about its ascended citizens going back and forth between the empire and the regular U.S.A. and recruiting people to their cities and businesses for tours and to live and work there.

* Life Skills Divided Empire

This is about life skill divided charter cities and businesses inside the U.S.A. where everyone and all the products and services in businesses are life skill divided. Plus, its expansion to other countries. This also includes its associated political party involvement in politics and in recruitment of new people to its cities and businesses.


* Becoming Psychic

This is about a person growing up non-psychic and not told about psychic abilities, and then waking up to the fact that other people are psychic and that there is advanced psychotronic technology.

* Psychic Attackers 

This is about a person who gets psychically attacked and knows it, in multiple places (especially the lowest income places and not the upper income places. This person realizes that it is not allowed and taboo to complain or tell the truth because about psychic issues and psychic attacks by others. There is no justice at all. She gradually learns to psychically attack back, to protect herself in certain ways, and to move away as quick as possible from the bad people with psychic ability. (The psychic attackers includes people the character lived with too.)

* Pretending Not to be Psychic

This is about a person who learns that psychics are being arrested into forced psychiatry and made non-psychic and being called delusional when they are not and gradually learns to never talk about the psychic realm or act like she is affected by the psychic realm, even in such seriously dire life or death situations involving the psychic realm. 


* Anti-Christian Psychologist

This is an atheist with a psychology degree sitting in churches everyday:


- studying the religion and understanding what is so wrong (and correct) with it during sermons & bible studies

- noticing the psychics in the churches possessing people and acting like Jesus or God

- saying aloud what is wrong with it sometimes 

- learning to pretend to be Christian & Judeo-Christian, plus to talk like a pastor

- getting possessed herself psychotronically 

- becoming aware of the possibility of psychotronics with nanobots at communion & baptism to possess the congregation on computers, watching them, throughout the week & life, & punishing and helping them psychotronically, like god

- writing books against it and to explain it

- becomes more for the churches gradually as they are better than psychiatry and believe at least in the psychic realm, that diseases come from the psychic realm and manipulation of daily lives, when psychiatry believes such is only mental illness (but still...)

- trying to start a business to unbrainwash people from the religion and tell them the truth of what is happening psychically and what happened in the bible from a better perspective. The group is to walk the sidewalks preaching against the religion in a similar way that the Christian walk the sidewalks preaching for it, go to churches and speak, and have their own psychology center for the purpose. 

* Bad Psychologist Learns Islam


This is about an atheist woman who over drinks & over dates studies Islamic culture in Islamic countries and gradually converts into their culture and mindset. She eventually becomes a good psychologist for male-female behavior, and more, because of Islam. 

* Harmed for Muslim's Higher Life Skills


This is about an American woman who, after converting to Islam, is illogically harmed by the Americans and other Western women, but especially the Christian women, who don't understand her and Muslim women's higher life skills.


* Psychiatry's Lower Life Skilled than Me! / Too Low-Life Skilled Psychiatry

This is about a person who is falsely locked away into horrible, low life skilled (subnormal) psychiatric hospitals who is higher in life skills and class in every way than the psychiatric hospitals' austiger autistic workers, services and products. This person sees the truth about the harm and neglect happening.

* Criminal Psychiatry

This is a collection of short stories about different people who were harmed criminally by psychiatry with the staff acting like criminals. Or it could be about a group of people law suiting a hospital togethers and telling their stories to the public.

* Psychic & Paranormal vs. Psychiatry

This is about a group of people who are all victims of psychiatry for having a psychic or paranormal ability, going through a psychic or paranormal experience, or displaying or  talking about a psychic or paranormal phenomenon (in a way that is separate from the Christian religion). Psychiatry falsely believes that psychic or paranormal phenomenon are psychosis or 'mental illness', unless patients are experiencing the Christian religion.  The constitution keeps laws from being made against religion, but does not laws being made against people experiencing the paranormal outside of the religion. This includes ESP, empathy, psychotronic technology, ghosts, witchcraft, superpowers, aliens, and more... Psychiatry harms these people and not helps them, unlike other reasons for psychiatry.

* Supernormal & Psychiatry


This is about a people who are falsely locked away by psychiatry for being higher in class than society and what the government grade schools, churches, and universities teach. Psychiatric workers cannot distinguish between people who higher than themselves and people with psychosis or delusions. This also includes the drug users locked away that act more normal than other clients and staff and also people with foreign cultures' behavior and people going through or witnessing covert military, spy, or other groups operations because psychiatry always believes such people delusional.

* Religious Psychiatry

This is about psych wards that are religious and have no separation from religion. Many people are there by force.


* Dying from Psychiatry

This is about a victim of forced psychiatry dying from the side effects of the pharmaceutical drugs (Extrapyramidal Symptoms, EPS) for a disease she was falsely diagnosed to have but never actually did. The side effects of the drugs cause her to her to go homeless and every time she enters a doctor's office or hospital to complain about her symptoms, they misdiagnose and medically malpractice her, especially with forcing psychiatry on her. Plus, all the homeless shelters treat everyone like they are a psychiatric patient and the police keep trying to arrest all homeless people into psychiatry.


* Psychically Un-Ascending in Homelessness


This is about a person who unascends in life skills & in health inside the Washington, D.C. homeless system run by churches and faith-based organizations where there is no life skill or socioeconomic class division at all, and everyone from capitalism is placed in to the same place for the first time in their lives causing the following psychic harm:

- psychic harm to her body from her psychic connections to the lower-life skilled people

- psychically attacked by the lower life skilled people & loosing her own life skills & health

- psychotronic attacks to her body from complaining aloud about the lack of life skill divisions and the psychic harm and other reasons

- psychological trauma from the lack of life skill divisions and the psychic harm


 She looses her ability to speak, read, write, exercise, walk, eat properly, use technology, and do everything psychically because of the lack of life skill or socioeconomic class divisions. If she had of been in capitalism, it never would have happened at all. Everyone autistically assumes that that was how she had always been or that it happened only because of her own internal health. No one in the community surrounding and none of the workers seem to notice that this is happening, except for certain homeless people refusing to enter the non-for-profit shelters and sleeping outside. She does not start to recover until undercovers and the more high, political in class start psychically saving her and she gets back out of the homeless system first.  The novel ends with the main character creating her own homeless shelters which don't have the same problems.

* The D.C. Ascended & Un-Ascended Homeless

This is about three groups of people in the D.C. homeless system:


(a) the ascended people who worked in political employment or who were millionaires (billionaires) before who went homeless and were supposed to be in the city

(b) the ascended, far right, women who are upside down (in a conspiracty) forced to be homeless but having higher life skilled and moraled than women in politics and every woman in the community around them, like women in politics were supposed to be swapped with them. These women dress better than male politicians, in male collared shirts, with short hair, while the women in politics dress as prostitutes.

(c) the un-ascended people who did not belong in the city; who worked in the worst jobs (if they ever worked at all); who came from the worst areas of the country; and who never lived, worked, studied or shopped in the city before

and how they were placed together.

* No Life Skill Divide in the Homeless System!

This is about the people who suffer in the homeless system because: all classes, and life skills of people, from every area of the country, are in the same room for the first time. And its about the quality of the surrounding area decreasing because of the accepting of clients not from the area. 

* Low-life Skilled Homeless Assistance

This is about a person who exists society through unemployment and more and cannot re-enter society again because of the quality of the homelessness assistance is too low:

- no one will help her appropriately.

- the homeless shelter workers having a type of autism called austigers, not able understand people and to help properly, naturally working manual laborer jobs, such as farmers or janitors, and not with people

- job boards of manual labor jobs

- the general public not knowing how to help much more than hand out food and leaving the homeless homeless

- low life skilled autistic art therapy of coloring plants and animals (discovering something interesting about herself and the Hispanic & African Americans). She also learns to be the right art therapist herself.

- low-life skilled recreational activities

- false treatment of clients as as psychiatric patients, with the hiring of psychology graduates

- no socioeconomic class separation of clients

In the end she starts creating her own homeless shelters without these problems.

* Covert Operations in Homelessness

This is about a person meeting lots of undercover military, cops & others in the homeless system, not understanding completely what they were doing, and then, trying to create a defense company to figure out what was happening. 

* Neglected Psychotronic Superstar Hero

This is about a woman who gets psychotronically possessed, while dying from a spinal spasm to fracture and after having lost her ability to read, write, speak, etc... properly in silencing, to be at first a dancer  but also a combater for she is in dangerous situations like with former assassins. She practices dance and combat with the homeless. Eventually she also becomes possessed to not only sing, but to sing and dance at the same time and she practices being a combat dance singer with and without people. She is going through a Satanic grace and becomes the equivalent of a sports star, rock star, movie star, porn star, etc...  She attempts to become a famous singer, dancer as an only resort, knowing that the smartest words in societies are found in songs (like 'Crown the Empire'). She also, goes around trying to study defense and to create a defense company to help the homeless but ends up psychotronically stopped via body paralysis and more. Eventually CIA start trying to grab her to go to a recording studio but she does not go and she keeps studying defense. In the end, she does stop studying defense, yet continues to practice on occasion being a singer, combat dancer.


* Our Low-Life Skilled Education / Ascending Our Education

This is about a smart student who reads novels from libraries and talks to many adults, and is going (or about an adult thinking about the past who went) through horrible, lower life skilled government grade school and university education, with courses that are:


- not useful in his future work or life (literature, math, science, etc...)

-  harmful to himself if he follows what he is taught (literature with plots of suicide, rape, murder, infidelity in marriage, prisoners, etc... which is only for people who end up in prison, psychiatry, or dead.)

- un-ascended and will cause him to end up a farmer or manual laborer naturally (literature about plants, animals, farmers, maids, etc...)

- wrong (social science)

- worse than what he has in his extra-curricular life (fitness, 

- a waste of his time

- a destruction of society causing the wrong people to ascend in society based on the wrong life skills or life skill levels.

Later, he tries to (1) reform his schools, (2) creates new types of schools, with none of the problems of the current schools, and (3) enter politics to change education.


* Police Mistakes: False & Missed Arrests

This is about a the mistakes police make everywhere and so often.  Each chapter is a different police situation with different people involved. 


* The "Austigs"  / The Austigic Autistic / Austigers Autistic Society

This is about people from the U.S. who have a form of autism not yet recognized by psychology or psychiatry in which they are considered fully functioning in society by most of society and are allowed to work in fields controlling others like education, social work, psychiatry, healthcare, law, customer service... but are not naturally working with people and make so many malpractice errors. They do not understand people naturally or society. 

She realizes that no one around is working in middle class field naturally working but in much lower jobs such as manual labor ones, especially farmers, and at most food server or retail work or with babies and preschoolers ( with an exception of some of the African Americans). Most people cannot even help people in a middle class field and their small talk is not even at the middle class level, for example.


Too many people are just socially inept in ways that are not yet properly recognized and which harms too many people!

The main character is  a person who used to be one to these people, but when she woke up socially and became more socially intelligent by traveling the world, she started to study why people were the way they were and the way she used to be. At first, she blames it on the religion and then she blames it on the government department of education: for people being so socially inept. 


The book starts with her in an unemployment people's art studio and shows her in other situations with inept staff with austigers (homeless shelter workers, police, psychiatric workers, judges, etc...) and then her studying the problem on purpose in all businesses and in politics..


(The Plant, Animal, Baby, etc... Art People...)


* Black Men, Life Skilled Upside Down?

This is about how so many of the African American men (though not all) left homeless in the parks and sidewalks seem so much better than the black men allowed to ascend up to the top in politics, and better than the African American women they are around in homelessness, as if they were made to be upside down in society on purpose.


* It's Life Skills, Not Skin Color

This is about how so many of the African Americans (& other races) in Washington, D.C. being in the wrong and too high in life skill / socioeconomic area for their own life skills and socioeconomic class saying that it is racism if they are told that they don't belong, when really, they never realized that whites were divided into areas based on their life skills and socioeconomic class and the blacks (& other races) never found the whites who were their own life skills and socioeconomic class. It is includes issues of reverse racial discrimination, non-for-profit social services, and the government stipend offices, increasing this problem. Most are not as high in quality as the whites in their height, weight, fitness, nutrition, communication skills, education levels, travel experience, etc...


* White Women, Life Skilled Upside Down?!

This is about a woman who gets placed, via psychotronic torture, into the exact opposite life than she had deserved, homeless and living in a park when she was supposed to be a politician, and noticing that all the female politicians or upper class to her were naturally homeless living in the park, somehow psychotronically helped. She noticed so many other homeless women were going through this same evil situation. (All the natural female politicians homeless.)

* Fix These Lower Life Skilled Women!

This is about an American woman who cannot withstand most of the other American women and most of the women from other countries, except Islamic women, because their life skills are so much lower than men's life skills (especially their clothing). She travels the world looking for normal women and then decides to create businesses to education/life coach women and to change women through politics.


* Aliens linked to a Revolution

This is about a person's life from childhood until adulthood and the experiences she had tied to outer space and a world revolution, and her trying to come to grips with it and understand it. She starts to suspect that her family are either aliens or possessed by aliens in order to infiltrate politics for a revolution. 



* Ascended in Capitalism

This is about a person who, in her mind, is fully ascended to the very top of capitalism in every way, and her daily life of being around others who are not ascended and of trying to explain it to them in her own consulting business.

* The Horrible Places Outside of Capitalism! / The Non-for-Profits Worse than Capitalism!

This is about a political person who is exposed to almost all of the places outside of capitalism (homeless shelters, social service centers, psychiatric wards, jails, etc...) where there is no longer any life skills/socioeconomic class separation of the clients or of the staff with the clients and where the staff, the services, and the products are too low in class not only compared to what she was exposed to inside of capitalism, but the lowest in class that could possibly exist on earth. Inside of capitalism, for example, the staff she was around had political science degrees. She tries to get back to capitalism desperately, but can't. In the end, she starts creating a political party to fix it.

* Harmed by the Lower Life Skilled, Helped by the Upper 


This is about a woman who had previously ascended to rich after growing up a lower in class than the rich but went unemployed and was exposed to the poor after having been around the rich and middle class. The poor attacked her, the middle did  nothing to help, and the rich saved her. It is an excruciating journey of making it back to the rich while being unemployed and restructuring society to keep this from happening to others.


* The Government's Lower Life Skilled than Us / The Government's Wore than Capitalism!

This is about a political person who is exposed to the government for the first time after having been inside of capitalism her whole adult life. It shows how how the government is an illegitimate authority for the society as a whole, in every department, and how it was made for the worse than the lowest in class inside of capitalism and is worse than everyone and every business functioning inside capitalism. It is about the government staff being worse than everyone who used to or currently works in capitalism. 


* Psychotronically Forced & Stopped Revolutionary


This is about a U.S. citizen who is forced, over years, to be a revolutionary against a government that harms and neglects its citizens, through psychotronic possession like a videogame character in SIM almost, where the video game players act as god (including being neglected on purpose and more) and government acts of harm and nudging....but also stopped from starting the revolution. Like there are competing groups with psychotronic weapons and devices and agendas. She is psychotronically possessed, helped and attacked throughout the novel. The character never learns for sure who is who with the advanced technology, just what she is told by her possessors and conversations she had (and that she is not allowed to affect the current churches). It ends with the person discovering that the United Nations is investigating such attacks, finding others online in groups going through the same thing, studying what others are saying online, and her finally reporting it to the United Nations.  (multiple psychotronic military & police helicopter scenes)

* Psychically Affected by Everyone

This is about a woman whose body is becoming like everyone: her thinking, her fitness, her everything. It depends on who is around her, what happens to her biologically, positive or negative. Eventually, it becomes extreme and visibly apparent, and she is even psychotronically shapeshifted into the body types and faces of the people around her.  The electronic torture of shape shifting is so severe visibly around she gets helped to shapeshift back with psychotronic help, but only for a short time. She needs to be around the rich and psychic to recover. 

* Psychotronic Shape-Shifter Teleporters

This is about a woman who, while being shapeshifted in psychotronic torture during a shapeshifting infiltration and more, gets helped by a group of undercover shapeshifter, teleporters in a situation that she cannot understand, but it seems like alien abduction & imposter situations.